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Des, the old thread Max-ed out at 149 posts; now I get message there "limit reached, no more posts allowed."  Thanks for clarifying for me the situation with respect to the Ricoh lens cap that opens automatically.  Fortunately, I believe that I ordered Ver. 2, so it should work with both my p10 and s10.  If, by mistake, the one coming is Ver. 3, then I can either return it or get an a16 to fit it on!  BTW, I suppose that the 28mm and 50mm lensors don't have their own auto-open lens cap because they have hoods to protect the end of the lens when in use.  That's the only reason I can think of.

The extent of your knowledge about Kodak/Retina/SK lenses is quite impressive.

P.S. preliminary results of shots I made this week comparing the m4/3 Pana 45-150mm lens (mounted on Oly epl2) with the p10 lensor for GXR demonstrated to me quite conclusively the superiority of the Pana when shooting at an equivalent FL of 300mm.  Perhaos this is not so surprising given the higher pixel count of the 12mpix m4/3 compared to the 10mpix p10 lensor, but it was still instructive actually to see the expected results verified "on film" so to speak.


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