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Re: JUST received my A7R and 35mm....and..

I own a few film & digital cameras that I think are of high quality (5D mkII, D800e, Hasselblads, Mamiya, Ebonys, etc.). I also think I can recognize quality in a camera when I see and feel it. I would also like to mention that I never considered any Sony camera prior to a few months ago. That being said I cannot agree with pretty much everything you have said about the a7r. I understand everyone has their own opinion. But I pretty much have the exact opposite opinion about this camera on everything you have criticized, it is almost baffling to me, but as I said before everyone has and is entitled to their own opinion so to each their own. I bought this camera because I wanted something that I could walk around with anywhere, casually, and not worry about carrying a big heavy brick that will attract a lot of unwanted attention while still being able achieve the quality of my 5D. I truly feel that the a7r, along with the 35mm, has surpassed that. My only complaint is battery life and wishing the 35mm was a 1.8, I still think it's a fantastic lens though.

shawnfb wrote:

OOC Jpegs auto WB, auto ISO.. one camera costs $1,399 with lens.. One costs $3,200 with lens..

EV on the A7R was mistakenly off a tad... ..by the way the plates are Bone white... and walls are well... the same color as the correct exposure..

I know I know... critics galore be prepared... but... they were delicious steamed shrimp dumplings:)

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After seeing these two photos I had to register to this forum to ask, what creative style did you use for the a7r? Standard? Vivid? or Neutral?

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