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Re: Problem returning 29 cameras to B&H Photo

MisterHairy wrote:

fotolopithecus wrote:

YD wrote:

I had the misfortune today to returning a shipment of 29 Nikon D800 cameras at B&H Photo and having them tell me that I should have purchased one to evaluate it first!! I told that I wanted to try the 30 and pick the best one and returning the remaining 29 is a normal practice at every other camera store except there store apparently. I routinly buy 30 items at Best Buy and return the 29 I don't want. But these guys act like I'm abusing a privalege!

My friend recently purchased a camera, returned it, purchased another, returned it, purchased another, returned it and then purchased another. But for some reason I'm being singled out by them. Then people call him a troll for sharing his experience. I expect B&H being professionals, not tell me some things I don't want to here!

So in your estimation either the store, or Nikon should eat the other 29 cameras, or be forced to sell them as used? Perhaps you think they should sell your unapproved cameras as new to other customers after you've opened them and tested them. If there's legitimately something wrong, or not within spec for a camera then by all means one has the right to return it, but you just sound like a nut that thinks the world revolves around him. Oh and yeah, what's the names of the other stores where this is a normal practice?

In what way is it not utterly blindingly obvious that the OP is making a funny?

I am not sure what is more amusing: the content of the OP or the fact that you took it seriously.

I think I might move over to your country and set up a business selling left handed screwdrivers. Millionaire in no time.

In the way that I've actually known people like this. You don't know anyone who goes shopping, and then returns half the stuff as a matter of course... I have.

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