Test of D600 from Cameta

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Re: Test of D600 from Cameta

For those who went in on the $1299 Cameta special on the D600, those cameras were not guaranteed as 'Factory Refurbished" - instead, what the ad stated was that this batch of cameras was "Reconditioned", which encompassed either straight customer returns, floor samples, etc, which could be examined by a third-party technician (not necessarily Nikon) to ensure technical functionality, reboxed, and resold.    I was curious about the term "reconditioned" and clicked on the term descriptor on their website.  I think the D600 cameras now currently offered are actual "Factory Refurbished" (by Nikon), hence the slightly higher price.

I think Cameta technically was in their right to offer $1299 for the "Reconditioned" cameras (it was stated on the ad) - alot of people, however, didn't clarify the difference between "Reconditioned" vs "Factory Refurbished", and simply assumed all non-new D600 MUST be "Factory Refurbished".  Caveat emptor, I suppose...or maybe the devil is in the details.  I've not purchased from Cameta, but I understand they have an acceptable return policy, plus they extend the service warranty up to one-year.

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