What would you like to see from Sigma next?

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What would you like to see from Sigma next?

I'm pretty sure Sigma is already committed to the next Sigmas whatever they may be but what would you most like to see?

It seems there are only a few choices. Medium format is highly unlikely as the market is too small and Sigma currently manufacturers no lenses in that market. The other choices are DSLR either sticking with APS-C and improving features or adding/replacing the APS-C with a full frame sensor SLR. Or mirrorless either enhancing the DPM single lens offerings with new combinations perhaps even a zoom or biting the bullet and joining the leading edge of mirrorless with an interchangeable lens camera.

So here are the choices:

Medium Format Camera. Keep in mind that this would be an enormous undertaking for Sigma to satisfy a very small market slice. They have no presence in that market either camera wise or lens wise.
2.6% 2  votes
Full Frame DSLR. Is this a good direction to go businesswise. Are DSLR models doomed to take a smaller and smaller piece of the new camera market due to their large size and weight? If so does it make sense for Sigma to further invest in new products for this market or should they reduce their efforts only bringing current models up to a competitive level in a minimal set of features like live view and video capabilities?
23.1% 18  votes
Upgrade the APS-C SD1 with live view, video and other desirable features.
12.8% 10  votes
Get out of the dying DSLR market now and dedicate those resources to enhancing the mirrorless line of DP-M cameras to include more focal lengths.
6.4% 5  votes
Bring out a fixed lens very high quality zoom DP-M model with a lens small enough that the camera can be easily carried. Understand that this will necessitate a limited zoom range and a small max aperture like f4 or greater.
11.5% 9  votes
Mirrorless ILC is the future. Focus your efforts there and give us a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera with an in camera shutter that will allow other non automatic lenses to be fitted to the camera.
43.6% 34  votes
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