Nikon Df, how easy to focus manually?

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Re: Nikon Df, how easy to focus manually?

Bjorn Rorslett's views on the Df are now well in 16 pages. His thoughts and his contributors so far indicate that MF is excellent for a DSLR.

As for myself I find the Df is the best pure Mf focusing digital camera that I have used. I currently also use a Fuji S5 pro with Katz Eye and the Df is far better. Where it shines it at normal focusing conditions with medium fast and slower apertures. Focus snaps in and out easily making for fast shot turnover and fewer misses. Some people seem to be expecting that focus should be a snap with ultra fast lenses wide open. Focusing these extreme lenses. always has been tough even with the best SLR split prism, matte screens etc. The DF is no different but an improvement for sure over recent offerings.

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