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Its been an interesting experiment, posting both the Saul Leiter photo and then my own.

My conclusion after reading all the comments and critiques is that there are two basic types of posters here. The first type includes those who, for the most part, see the camera as a technical, scientific instrument withe the purpose of capturing images with the best possible realism - sharpness, noise, dynamic range. People in this group see things literally, want to know exactly what the subject is, what the conditions were, and find photos that are not of a certain technical standard unacceptable. There are some in this group who are clueless and wouldn't know a good photo if it bit them in the as*.

The other group see photography more as an art form, where technical excellence is not always necessary. The mood, feeling, and impact of the photo is more important than technical details. The eye and imagination of the photographer are the essential criteria, and photographs can be abstract, not literal, and ambiguous. We see these elements often in older photos from the great photographers.

I am certainly in the second group; while i love technology and cameras, i find that my eye and creative skills always trump technical aspects, even for paying clients. For my own work, i often prefer photos that are not always clear and literal, and demand a bit more from the viewer.

In any case, thanks to all for participating, its been fun.

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Sam K., NYC

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