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First of all I think your first shot is great. 2nd of all, I'm a newbie (well I've been taking pictures for a long time) and I've learned that taking a sharp picture is deceptively easy.  By the way, I posted one of my pics a couple of weeks ago and you posted a nice response and I never did thank you - thank you :-).   I asked a similar question on Dpreview a few weeks ago and this was Bob Tullis' response  (Bob I sincerely hope you don't mind me reposting your response, I'm not sure what protocol is).  I don't know Bob, or anyone on this site for that matter,  but I am so impressed by his photography and his thoughtful response that I wanted to share.

my question was:

How can one learn to do what seems to come so naturally to others? This is not a question of self judgment but a question of "how" and "if" you believe that photographic expression is possible to learn, or do you just "have it"?

Bob's response was - IMO, Yes.

Just as some are innately better with tools than others, better at drawing than others, better at playing instruments than others, the same applies here. And all of it can be learned. Some have to work more than others at some aspects of understanding the various considerations that are involved in creating that photo one admires.

What looks easy usually has a a foundation in study & practice. There's learning the gear. There's learning how to make that gear produce type of photograph one seeks (and coming to understand what the light of the moment can offer, whether it's worthwhile or not to even try). Then there's learning what one wants to convey, and why (finding one's 'voice'). All together, it's an affair that can last a lifetime. With so many techniques and styles of photography and so many subject types, mastering 1/4 of what's possible can keep one quite busy.

One should always push themselves for more from themselves, but not to be too impatient or obsessive about it. This can be a lifelong journey of self discovery,, and forcing it won't be any fun. Looking back, I feel the various things I needed to get better at, at various stages of the learning process, took a few weeks/months of concentration flesh out, and the rest of the year to practice applying until it becomes rote. Then the eyes detect distractions never noticed before, as discernment evolves with the practice, and there's something new to take on, to add to the foundation already set in place. And like that.

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