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Re: So now what about Work Flow?

brooklyn geezer wrote:

So it seems to be a given.. Iridient is the way to go with raw conversion and xe2. How they can beat the big boys is beyond me, but thats another thread.

With LR rc still sucking a bit, and capture1 not supporting xe2, I am curious about how people will handle workflow.

Iridient doesn't seem to have a good preview for picking selects quickly - unless I cant find it. RIght now I have a LR catalog and wondering how to manage my new xe2 files that's not too much of a PITA.

Typically in LR I injest (maybe with presets) with © info and tags, i make my selects - delete rejects, and grade photos very quickly that I might want to spend more time tweaking. Then tweak what I want in develop mode and into photoshop and back if I am going that far with file .Now I am at a loss as to how to manage my raf files. Would love to know if anyone has a good workflow down that includes these steps and imports back into LR or Capture one or some other cataloging software with iridient handling the initial raw conversions.

From LR, I moved to PhotoMechanic for ingest and ID for raw conversions.  I find the combination far faster, with better, more flexible tools...and better end results (IQ).  Photomechanic is famous for its speed, but I had no idea how much better, until I gave it a test run.  Metadata is stored in each image versus the catalog, etc....a lot of powerful features.  ID is a no-brainer imo.

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