How to make a calibration profile for standard paper ?

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Re: How to make a calibration profile for standard paper ?

Anadrol wrote:

Hugowolf wrote:

Since the paper is quite thin, it will be somewhat translucent and the i1 Pro 2 backup board will cause color shifts. You can use a black backup board, or just put several sheets of the same paper underneath the patch print when you are scanning the paper with the spectrophotometer.

Thank you Brian, that's a good tip, I wouldn't have thought about this issue.

Well I believe that the main problem is that i1 Display Pro wants to overcompensate what is simply impossible to compensate (lack of vibrance for example), and it results in weird colors.

There is an option where you can specify that you're using plain/matt/glossy paper, but it seems to not work well...

The i1 Display Pro doesn't do paper profiles, it is a colorimeter not a spectrophotometer. You must be thinking of the i1 Photo Pro 2 or i1 Publish Pro 2?

Brian A

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