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Re: utility of example-free "warnings"?

RussellInCincinnati wrote:

I'm merely convinced that anyone encouraging or discourage limiting ISO to say, 800, and then "pushing" underexposed raw file brightness in post-processing is wasting our time if they are not posting a single example raw file that illustrates the significance of the problems or benefits they have found with the workflow.

Okay, so since I'm doing neither there's no need for me to post raw files. Cool, you can let that go.

In a way that lets readers usefully judge for themselves.

But what should they judge from posted raw files? You want people to decide whether or not to adopt this way of shooting based on evidence provided by others? I say no! The only thing they should judge from second-hand data is whether or not to test the practice for themselves. When they have their own first-hand evidence and experience then they can legitimately decide whether or not to adopt this way of shooting.

Please don't talk about "disproving" or "proving" anything when you have no interest in posting data to be considered. You're in the contentious word realm, not the proving realm.

The only thing in contention is whether an individual judges this practice to be acceptable and/or beneficial. If you could post relevant data for us to consider, that might prove that you find it acceptable, but you can't prove that it's acceptable to me or anyone else, no matter what you do.

By the way I don't think you are wrong to say that the limited-ISO workflow described in this thread might not work for any particular purpose or camera. It's merely a pointlessly obvious use of thread space.

So why are you putting so much effort into trying to discredit a pointlessly obvious post? Why didn't you just ignore it or say, yeah, obviously (duh), if that's all there is to it? Seriously - what's got under your wig about it? Why can't you let it go? (My answer to your reply - I can let it go when I know you really get it.)

Why not start a new no-example thread thread for the gullible newbies that flock in droves to the Photographic Technology Forum, to extra-specially warn them that, if they try pushing their own raw files taken at ISO 800 to higher brightnesses, it might not be advantageous for some scenes or cameras.

It's a global imperative meme already? Why don't you? 

I think it's better to make the obvious pointless point in the context in which it appears.

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