JUST received my A7R and 35mm....and.. Locked

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shawnfb Contributing Member • Posts: 570
JUST received my A7R and 35mm....and..

It will be going back asap... I don't like it at all..

For $3,100.00 it feels REALLY cheap in my hands..

It feels very plastic to me

The 35mm lens build for $800.00 is not good   and I beleive the 49mm filter threads are plastic!

When I screw my B$W ($ on purpose..:)) filter on the end of the Sony 35mm I do not get a feel or sound of metal screwing on metal like EVERY other metal filter lens I have...

The shutter sound is CRAZY loud... wow... it is just silly really comparing to my Fuji XE2. and actually my 5d3... at least the "sound" of my 5d3 is quality.. the Sony is LOUD and not pleasing to me at all......:( a big downer.

Surprisingly the auto focus is not bad... it is equal to my Xe2.. giving the slight nod to the Fuji

overall though, with all of the reviews I have read of QUALITY... I am not pleased for the money that this costs... I feel the Rx1R  I used has a MUCH better quality feel and heft to it..

This A7R feels hollow,  very light, and toy-like.. the lens is a joke for $800.00 I want  my equipment to feel good... I am surprised  that this A7R doesn't ..

The smaller XE2 feels better.. more solid and weighty...  and the shutter sound comparison is just really no contest.. ..the little XE2 is one heck of a little camera... and will stay...

The Sony is going back... $3,100.00???? no no...... sure doesn't feel like or sound like it...

:)... thanks for listening...

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