Hyperfocal distance setting on EF lenses

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Re: Hyperfocal distance setting on EF lenses

FrankGr wrote:

Using a dof calculator I can see what Hyperfocal distance to set the lens at, but how do people do this with modern lenses (such as canon ef) when there is no proper distance scale to manually set the focus/distance . Any ideas?

Sure, they get frustrated and sell the camera. I found the 7' and 10' marks on the XE1 & XP1 to be close enough to work with. I actually prefer manual lenses but don't want to drag that in.

On the 18mm, which is a great street lens....I almost always use either 7' or 10' in MF. If you look at a DOF calculator, you will see that either zone or HD is very easy to achieve and this of course speeds things up considerably.

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