Pretty sure everyone just forget about "NEX" and APS-C cameras..

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Re: Pretty sure everyone just forget about "NEX" and APS-C cameras..

Chris Mak wrote:

Elite83 wrote:

I haven't seen any news on SonyAlphaRumors that didn't have the words "A7 and/or A7r" in the headline in months.

All the threads here too are mainly A7 chatter.

Do APS-C cameras still exist? It's hard to tell. I'm just frustrated that the non-FF cameras have been dumped in the mud, and all efforts seem to be redirected to these A7's and their FF lenses which I know for a fact only a small percentage of users plan on buying/have.

I can understand your frustration, but the truth is: the Sony A7 and A7r are nothing short of a revolution for a lot of people regardless of the brand of their lenses. I can imagine a lot of traffic on this forum who do not, or did not prior to the A7(r), own any Sony lens or camera.

I use Pentax with Zeiss ZK lenses, and I want to go FF but selling all my Zeiss lenses for another mount is not an option, I also have a Sigma 500/4.5 in Pentax mount. For me, the introduction of the Sony A7 is a revelation, although I don't have it yet. I can get affordable true FF IQ without downsides, I can just keep shooting my existing set-up.

I can imagine a lot of scenarios in which the Sony A7(r) is the greatest thin to happen in digital photography for some time. So I guess the hype will last a while.


all you need is a Novoflex Pentax to Nex adapter and you are set.

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