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Re: did you read the reply or only responded to the image? (nt)

Devendra wrote:

lera ion wrote:

TwistaCatz wrote:

I got mine earlier this week and the sensor was so dirty I was really blown away. The serial number was 302xxxx and my shutter count was well over 9k. I was upset about it for a while but then I got over it went down to the camera store and got some swabs and cleaned the sensor myself. It's really an easy process and at the end of the day I figure I'll have to clean it more down the line so why not get started now. I also have a slight spot on VF that I'm trying to get rid of. Beyond that it seems fine.

I would return the camera but I don't believe Cameta is running the promotion anymore. Also I've read that at 10k the camera gets better in regards to the oil issue. Anyways I would keep it and just get over the spots and clean them yourself.

Here is what mine looked like out of the box. (ignore that black bar and red line, the nef converter did that). Also when I actually flipped the mirror and looked at the sensor it looked like it had a smear on it, which is what you see in the bottom right of the picture. A few swipes with the sensor swabs and its completely clean.

How miserable...sorry, no find other right words. D600 is for sacrifice!

Only spots on image. This is not possible. A picture is worth a thousand word! Sorry!

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