Test of D600 from Cameta

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Re: why do you trust Cameta?

JF69 wrote:

There is enough proof of Cameta's shady practises already, including but not limited to shilling their own ebay "auctions", claiming "refurbished" when it is not, etc.

I also don't buy into the apologetic people's excuse of "they accept returns"; of course they should accept returns, given all these silly practises going on. They then sell it to the next person in line, probably adding "thoroughly tested" to the description.

Interesting observation JF69. If this is really their practice of selling returned defective items to other buyers, don't you think the new buyers will also return them?  By the way, I have been buying photographic equipment from Cameta for the past 12 years and never had a problem. That includes both new and refurbished.


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