ISOless sensors, read noise and photography - many questions!

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utility of example-free "warnings"?

WilbaW: So, you're convinced that you can disprove my exception to a global claim that this method will give a net benefit to all photographers using any camera?

No, I'm merely convinced that anyone encouraging or discourage limiting ISO to say, 800, and then "pushing" underexposed raw file brightness in post-processing is wasting our time if they are not posting a single example raw file that illustrates the significance of the problems or benefits they have found with the workflow. In a way that lets readers usefully judge for themselves.

Who cares what any of us think, without examples.

That tells me you believe the global claim. I am the single exception required to disprove it.

Please don't talk about "disproving" or "proving" anything when you have no interest in posting data to be considered. You're in the contentious word realm, not the proving realm.

RussellInCincinnati: t is just so silly to publicize doubt about a workflow that is supported with examples, when you are so worried that you will not able to provide a counter-example that you can't bring yourself to post one.

The exception is my judgement of acceptability, not a claim that you can't brighten an image with LR. How about you prove to me that the colour penalty you showed in your examples is acceptable to you?

You apparently find examples useful. And I prove over and over what the color penalties are with examples, in which case don't imagine that any reader cares what any of us non-celebrities "think is acceptable" or "prove about our thoughts."

How ya gunna provide evidence of your thoughts?

These are the kinds of unprovable dilemmas that only come up between people who can not get it together to post "raw data" for perusal. Who cares what my opinion is about pushing brightness in raw developing software instead of with camera firmware, when I post pushed raw files to let people have their own thoughts?

Bet the dark noise would'a been lower if I had let the camera firmware give me the high ISO. Heck the only benefits I got from the low-ISO workflow here was simplified, no-bracketing field workflow, and perfect preservation of brightest highlight detail to any level I might wish.

No need for any of us to provide evidence of our thoughts, opinions, beliefs, value judgements, reputation, intentions, whatever other vague things you are trading in, when we are showing people the good and bad aspects (as you point out yourself) of an image processing workflow with examples.

By the way I don't think you are wrong to say that the limited-ISO workflow described in this thread might not work for any particular purpose or camera. It's merely a pointlessly obvious use of thread space. Why not start a new no-example thread thread for the gullible newbies that flock in droves to the Photographic Technology Forum, to extra-specially warn them that, if they try pushing their own raw files taken at ISO 800 to higher brightnesses, it might not be advantageous for some scenes or cameras. A hangout for people who are more interested in arguments, quoting out of context, warnings, opinions, looking for incomplete sentences etc...than useful data.

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