Grip for Canon S120?

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Re: Grip for Canon S120?

My "Flipbac" grips arrived yesterday (G1-G2-G3 combo), and here are some pictures of S120 with each one attached - please note that I was using duct tape to attach the grips for shooting, so the grips are not as tightly pressed to the camera body as they would be if attached for real (this is especially noticeable in the isometric view, one to the left).

Canon S120, no third-party grips attached

Canon PowerShot 120, the plain camera looks, no third-party grips attached. While a built-in grip (S100, or similar?) could be very useful, the camera surface has a nice pattern and doesn`t feel slippery, so you could prefer it as it is, not wanting to attach any extra grips - and you might not be able to fit the camera inside a (very) tight case if you do.

Canon S120, "Flipbac" grip G1 (1st edition)

Flipbac G1 - Might be interesting for some people, especially if you have smaller hands, but I miss the curved, ergonomic top (as G2 has), so this one feels a bit uncomfortable.

Canon S120, "Flipbac" grip G2 (2nd edition)

Flipbac G2 - Feeling comfortable, curved top allows for a better middle finger positioning and its placement a firm camera grip. I personally prefer this one (as PC Wheeler suggested I would ;)) People with thicker hands might find the space between the grip and the lens a bit too tight.

Canon S120, "Flipbac" grip G3 (2nd edition)

Flipbac G3 - Might be a G2 alternative for people with a bit thicker hands, as it leaves more space between the grip and the lens. For me, it`s a bit thin and a bit far from that sweet finger position.

Please note that while pictures and user experience can be useful, it`s that feeling you get when you try a certain grip that is a decisive factor. You should like what you`ll use with your camera after all. Though, if you find it inappropriate after a while, you can simply take it off.

All this said, I still haven`t attached any I`m thinking to get a slim case for the camera, and I`m not sure if it could fit in with the grip attached. I`m not sure about DCC-1920 and PSC-900, but I guess that PSC-3200 would be fine... We`ll see.

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