Difference between EV1S and EV1MK

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Re: Difference between EV1S and EV1MK

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So technically speaking, there's no difference at all aside from the connectors ? Steve huff's review of the EV1MK or A7s keep saying that it's better version than the one offered for NEX bodies (brighter, bigger...) ! Strange fact because even the A7s EVF shares the same specs... !

I suspect the difference is probably more down to better processors in newer cameras (faster refresh rates, less motion blur, etc) than any real difference in OLED technology. But there's no real way to tell. I do remember one reviewer claiming there's more dynamic range in the new A7 EVF but I don't know if that was just a "feeling" or was physically tested against the NEX-7. I get my A7 in 3 weeks as it is being delivered via my dad (no way I'm paying UK prices which is where I live now) so I can't give you a definitive answer till then (but I'm sure there are others who could).

The other difference is that you are reading live view off of a full frame sensor, and that makes a very big difference in terms of the image, it is much less noisy than reading live view off of an APS-C sensor in low light.

Touché ! I think that's the reason people were saying the A99, RX1, A7s... EVF is better... it is simply because the liveview of a Full Frame is better than the one from an APS-C ! Well in that case we'll need to hear the opinion of Sony RX100II owners

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