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Re: Better lens than 17-40

Peter - other people have already given you sound suggestions. I would add that while I usually shoot with my 17-40 on my 5DII (I do a lot of landscape photography now), I have tried the 16-35 2.8 II and couldn't justify the price difference ( I picked up my 17-40 used for $425 a few years back). I also recently rented a 17 TSE for interior architectural work and it was quite good for that purpose (I have also used or owned the 24 TSE I, 45 TSE and 90 TSE. But I don't think that the 17 TSE would take my landscapes to another level. If you can, rent one so you can decide for yourself. Lastly a Zeiss 15mm prime is probably awesome but way out of my price range. And in terms of other primers, for me even 24mm primes/zooms are too narrow.

Anyway, I have hundreds of examples of the 17-40 on my 5DII here: I find it a very travel friendly lens. I will generally stop down to at least F8-11 for better sharpness and I still do have to remediate corners in Photoshop pretty often. But in terms of usefulness, value and IQ for the money, it's tough to beat the 17-40.

That said, I'm wondering is anyone would care to comment on the newer Sigma 12-24 or the Tamron 16-28.

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