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I know that it's not the purpose of your post but it's always worth remembering that the camera has an Auto function and I'm often surprised at what a good job it can do. Sometimes, when out with friends and in conversation or if a 'seize the moment' opportunity arises I will use Auto rather than faff about for the right settings and miss the shot. I know that it's probably a sign of weakness but there you have it.

For about 6 months while I was learning how to shoot RAW, I always shot an iA image to compare my results with what the camera could do. Eventually I stopped doing that because I ended up consistently beating the camera (to my eyes, at least).

I suspect that it is again time to revisit iA when well challenged!.... instead of faffing about!!!

Good practical advice!

I don’t know about iA (as it is on Oly) but I know I get excellent results a lot with "P" on the E-PL3. I keep an eye on the shutter speed, aperture, EV, nmfd 1 second plsyback, but a lot of the time, the stright "P" does the job.

Cheers, geoff

I've never bothered with P mode  so I had to go and get the useless manual out for the EM5 and eventually the camera. IA doesn't let you set anything at all, everything is calculated/set by the camera. P mode (Programme Mode?) let's you set ISO and Exposure Comp but calculates aperture and shutter speed.

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