70-300 or 55-300?

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Re: 70-300 or 55-300?

I would agree with Vikas Rana, I have the 55-300 & for general photography it is excellent, really sharp, but the autofocus isn't good for picking up small moving objects like birds - well not on my A57 or A700.

I have tried various settings & not found any of them to be satisfactory. I would also say that unless your birds are likely to be close to you or quite large in the frame then 300mm isn't long enough - I would suggest 400mm as a minimum.

The ordinary Minolta & Sony 70 - 300's are pretty average & probably worse than the 55-300. The 70 -300 G is pretty good but probably not better enough to justify the additional cost over the Tamron recommended by others.

So if you have to stay at 300mm then I'd suggest the Tamron. At 400mm it's going to depend on your budget but the 70-400 G gets great reports & you might be able to pick up a Mk 1 version for a less eyewatering amount.

Good luck & good shooting !


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