What is your biggest disappointment about GM1?

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Re: no focus ring

snack wrote:

Iskender wrote:

It's still a mess for the rest of the system though: my P1 likely cannot focus manually with this lens, and it's not yet known if it will get a firmware upgrade.

So don't buy it, or get a Panasonic body to use it on. Your argument is pointless. The lens, as well as the GM1 work flawlessly together...the lens works flawlessly on my GX7. I'm totally happy about it. Sorry if you're not. Get over it.

Oh, I'll get over it fine. But you shouldn't dismiss someone's complaint as "pointless" just because things work for you. How would it feel, were I to dismiss any of your complaints about the system as pointless? I don't think it'd be a big help.

A general example: I could say that the complaints of Panasonic users about the lack of Olympus lens IS are pointless. Or that people who have bought the top-of-the-range GH3 shouldn't complain, because they can buy the GX7 for IBIS, nevermind the fact that it doesn't have the same capability, and so on. It's basically saying that the user is at fault, because they didn't spend another 500 euros just to get basic functionality. It's a good line of thought for the manufacturers, but not that good for users.

It's wonderful that this system has two manufacturers (plus the lens-only ones). It's what has made it the most complete mirrorless system. However, special requirements in a lens make it work less as a system, and therefore weaker. The system works well for both you and me. However, it could still work even better, and that should be the goal.

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