Capture One support for X-E2

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Capture One support for X-E2

Had a lengthly (well, takes a day for a question, add a day for the answer, kind of ping-pong...) with PhaseOne about Fuji RAW support. They told me that they couldn't really say as to when they would be able to add this to their list of supported cameras.

Now I know that most people on dpreview seem to think that ADOBE should be the only one that matters, apart from some niche-freaks who just don't want to lean that bigger is better, CC and all, so maybe not important, but they asked me to write to Fuji (Fuji, Japan,Toyko???) and ask them when they will be able to give Capture One access to their camera algorithms etc they said that maybe if more people ask, Fuji will play ball ... thought this sounded a tad juvenile, but then all bad politics sound a bit juvenile at grass root level, right??

So was wondering as to what others know about the process of RAW conversions whether there is money involved, license fees etc.

Not interested in Silky Pix and Photo Ninja! Wouldn't mind Lightroom but can only buy this now, even the downloadable version for double the price of the US price, tried but shopping was refused with a detour to the Australian site, which charges double, so already love this, after all transport via Internet takes much longer from the US so should be less, right??

Went to adorama and amazon, same thing, only this time not even double price available, just a little comment that this is only available to US downloads ...

Really? Feel like some of my fellow 70 or so million sheep here in NZ all of a sudden ...

So if anybody can shed some light onto this, would be great, thanks. I have my theories but no hard evidence that what I believe is correct. And what I think about the industry Idon't like.

Ah yes, to add isult to injury, not only is LR double down here (roughly) but CC for Photoshop and LR is on special! Subscription only of course!



Fujifilm X-E2
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