Hack to get PS/LR to read Nikon Df files

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Re: Hack to get PS/LR to read Nikon Df files

Horshack wrote:

The following hack will modify the EXIF data to make Df files look like D4 files. This requires the exiftool utility, free for both Windows and Mac.

exiftool.exe -model="NIKON D4" <nef filename>

By default exiftool will save your original file to a file with the same name but with "_original" appended to it. If you don't want exiftool to save the original, add the -overwrite_original option to it. If you use this option be sure to save your original raw files prior to converting them to "D4" files.

exiftool.exe -model="NIKON D4" -overwrite_original myfile.NEF

Note that exiftool supports filename wildcards, so for example if you want to convert all the NEFs in a given directory:

exiftool.exe -model="NIKON D4" -overwrite_original *.NEF

You can automate the process by creating a desktop icon that you can drop your NEF files/folders into. For instructions see this post (use "D4" instead of "D5200").

A great tip Horshack.

by way of a postscript for those who own a Mac and don't want to hack about with Exiftool, there is an app called Exifchanger on the App Store that can do all of this through a "clickable" GUI (but underneath it all it uses Exiftool to accomplish the same task).

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