I dont understand this voting system

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Re: Why a simple average is bad...

bruxi wrote:

Xs Vyper wrote:

Joe Pineapples wrote:

Xs Vyper wrote:

Yeah saw that voting tip before but wouldnt it be better if DP uses statistical mean instead of average? I think its more representative of the real score.

With relatively few votes per entry, you have very little confidence in the average ranking. For example, if photo 'A' has one vote of 5 stars, but photo 'B' has nine votes of 5 stars and one vote of 4 stars, 'A' ranks higher than 'B' on a simple average.

Perhaps you could elaborate on what you mean by "statistical mean" vs. "average". "Mean" can have different meanings (no pun intended), but generally the mean is the arithmetic average of a set of values...


Yeah that's exactly what i'm noticing on the effect of votes to the ranking of pics, a few low votes can effectively pull down a good contender from the race. One or a group can simply low vote any decent looking competition out of the challenge.

I guess you are referring to your Dog challenge picture. Not sure why you got 4 half-star votes. Your picture clearly met the requirements of the challenge. It wasn't a great picture, but not terrible, either. The other outlier was the one five-star vote. Perhaps the half-star votes were in response to that.

That brings up the question, who can see voting results before voting ends? I've seen it implied that challenge hosts can. Are there others?

To me, the pattern of votes is very consistent on this image and I can understand why it drew some .5's

Nothing here.

care to explain what pattern and why it drew .5 star votes?

you make a comment like that without some kind of supporting explanation makes you a condescending ass.

in what way did the image didnt comply with the theme or rule of the challenge..assuming the image is of poor quality? cuz according to DP a .5 star is "Poor image that doesn't fit theme or rules"

you make me laugh...regardless, you and your buddies can have your challenge cuz im done with so called challenge.

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