ISOless sensors, read noise and photography - many questions!

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Re: try before you cry - did, worked.

I get extremely low losses going from ISO800>ISO3200. I usually keep well below 2Ev, and at lower ISOs (than a normalized 1600) I use 1Ev. This is mostly with Nikon and Sony cameras.

Since I do theater sometimes, that extra stop of highlight margin at 3200 saves a lot of blown areas, something which is especially important when you have colored spotlights and creative lighting on the scene. You get a much more graceful fadeout to blown white when you let the raw-converter exposure curve fade out gently in stead of being clipped by raw values hitting a dead end.

I see very little "shadow noise" increase in real usage by doing that.

With my main cameras, I've stopped doing it for low target ISOs though, some minus compensation for normalized ISO400-800, and about one Ev for ISO800+ gives you a lot of headroom to work with.

As with everything, in practice you have to look at what works, not what "should work".

I'm affluent in signal theory enough to know that the theory fails in some cases, compared to real image usage and human visual impression. That doesn't make the signal theory useless or incorrect, it just means that you have to know the practical limitations implied in interpreting what it predicts. The same goes for noise predictions.

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