OMD severe flash exposure problem

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I'm surprised. My Olympus E-5 with the FL50R had the best flash metering of any other camera/brand I ever used. It never missed, all exposures were just perfect, no matter how and where you bounced the flash. It seems they ,,forgot,, to include that brillint metering in their m4/3 cameras.

No they did not forget to add it, its still there and every bit as good as the E5, there is nothing wrong with the M4/3 flash metering.

Depends on how you measure the performance.

If you shoot an 18% gray wall in front of you with TTL flash, and the wall comes out blackish with about 1 to 1.3 EV underexposure, some people may call it wrong metering.

Well, actually I take that back. I'm doing testing with my Panny, and although Panasonic also has consistent underexposure with TTL flash, the "18% gray wall" test will not prove it. An 18% gray wall will come out fine as 18% gray wall. So will 100% white wall or 100% black wall. Does that mean the Panasonic TTL flash exposes correctly? Not at all! It was incidental byproduct of the monotonic subject that I chose for testing.

I'll probably start a separate thread for posterity's sake.

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