What is your biggest disappointment about GM1?

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Re: What is your biggest disappointment about GM1?

The only real question I have is how the electronic shutter handles the very high speeds - as mentioned if it still takes 1/50th to read the entire image then it really does lose a lot of practicality in terms of freezing motion or stopping camera shake with long lenses.

In reality though, most of the complaints here are about things that were fairly obviously tradeoffs to get the size down - a more limited shutter comes from reducing the bulk of it more, the lack of optional EVF and hot shoe another method to reduce the physical components and hardware needed (not to mention the fact that the vast percentage of GM1 owners will never even think about reaching for an external flash anyway). The GM1 is a camera where they have gone for the smallest physical size possible, so there will always be tradeoffs. If you want all the missing features, then why aren't you buying the GX7 instead? Six months ago were were applauding it for its compact size...

Oh, there is one problem I do have... It does make an awkward looking combination with the mkI 20mm f1.7, aesthetically they just don't really work together...

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