Canon images are too soft! Can they be fixed?

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Re: Canon images are too soft! Can they be fixed?

I am agreeing that the Sigma looks sharper to me.  I therefore think you have every right to compare that so-called "point and shoot" camera with an SLR, even if some people think it is silly.

I don't know whether or not it applies to the photos that you posted or not, but small sensor cameras can get better resolution than SLRs for telephoto and closeup shots because small-sensor cameras have smaller pixels (higher pixel density).  My 14 MP Canon SX30 has a pixel pitch of 1.43 microns, which means that it can resolve a line-pair spacing of 2.86 microns on the surface of the sensor.  An 18 MP Compact SLR with a pixel pitch of 4.3 microns can resolve a line-pair spacing of 8.6 microns.  So a small sensor has three times the resolution that the Compact SLR does.  The SX30 has a maximum focal length of 150.5 mm.  For a Compact SLR to resolve the same detail for telephoto (or with an add-on closeup lens) it would require approximately three times the focal length, which gets expensive.   SLR lenses are wonderful but SLR sensors are incapable of capturing all the detail that their lenses can resolve.  I am not talking about image quality or noise here, where the SLR clearly wins, just resolution of details.

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