Questions re: as a travel camera and X100s focus modes

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Re: Questions re: as a travel camera and X100s focus modes

I come from a GX1 with both the 20mm and the PZ kit lens.

Focus on the GX1 with recent lenses is much faster than with the X100S, which in turn reminds me how the focus speed of the 20mm lens is. It really hunts a lot in low light, and honestly I think the X100s focus is no match for the m4/3 cameras (my GF1 also focus much faster with the kit lens).

Manual focus on the X100s, on the other hand, is in a league of it's own, and the way Fuji implemented it really pushes you to use it.

The 20mm lens from panasonic is sharper wide open than the X100s, but the WB and the ISO performance is no match for the GX1.

I still think the GX1 is a great camera, and I only sold it because I made a good deal and the video was very poor, but I really had to had the Fuji, with it's high flash sync, great colors, low noise, silent shutter and that wonderful OVF that completely blew me away.

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