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Re: Clutter is wrong too

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

DMillier wrote:

Do you think the iPhone would have been such a success if the button did some thing dfferent every time you used it.

Do you think the iPhone would have been such a success if it worked the way all phones before it did?

The entire rest of your post just goes on ignoring the fact that everyone here figured out how to use the website, so there's no reason to complain that I can see.

How do you know that everyone here has it figured out. All that posted? Maybe many more did not figure it out, and just left the site, but did not bother to comment. With such a high standard, it should have been far more comments.  I agree that it was a visually very pleasing site.

And easy to use once I figured it out, but it was only because it looked so promising that I bothered to find out how it worked, after much try and error. And by accident discovered that down/right arrow changed picture.

Now when you go back there you'll know how to use it; you learned something new as did I, our UX vocabulary has been expanded. That is how progress works and wherever you find it you'll find people stridently arguing against it.

I am open to innovation. This was not. IMHO.

But the series/themes were great, with some outstanding pictures too.

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