DSLR owner very disappointed with RX100 M2

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DSLR owner very disappointed with RX100 M2

After reading the forums and hearing all the great things about the Sony RX100's, I took the plunge and bought a RX100 M2 as a replacement for my S95 to complement to my full frame DSLR. After using it for a day, I ended up returning it.

First things first, the IQ on static subjects was quite acceptable, definitely an upgrade over the S95.

Overwhelmingly the deal breaker for me: in Manual mode, you can not use auto-ISO. How ridiculous is that? The RX100 M2 has Auto-ISO in the other modes, but it's greyed out in M. Why?

Okay.. if I could set a minimum shutter speed in Aperture priority mode, then I'd still keep the camera. Nope. Shutter speed defaults to 1/focal length. If I'm shooting at f/1.8 (i.e. 28mm equiv), the camera always selects 1/30. Great for still life.... not so great for anything that, you know, moves.

Why not use shutter priority mode? What if I'm taking a group shot and I want a deep DOF but still a fast shutter speed? Nope, no dice. The RX100 M2 uses the largest aperture possible with no way to limit it. Hello? The sensor is 1" big and the lens opens up to f/1.8... doesn't Sony think that photographers might want to have some control on the DOF?

Bounce flash: I was so excited to see that the flash is on a hinge. I could even tilt it back and it fires... but it only tilts 45 degrees or so. Why not let the user tilt it just a little bit more?

Other problems: I spent 3 hours trying to get the Smartphone control to work with my Samsung Galaxy S4 without any success. All I could get was the smart phone app reporting: Cannot connect to network. I tried connecting through Wifi and through NFC. Never any success. My old iphone 4 worked fine with it, but that's not the phone I use on a daily basis anymore. The documentation on the Sony site said that both NFC and Wifi should work with the S4. Not for me, it didn't...

I'm very disappointed in this camera. It's so close to being what I was looking for, but just some awfully simple omissions prevent it from being a useful photographic tool for me. Unless I'm missing something, it seems the RX100 M2 is more geared towards people who want to shoot in the Auto and Scene modes. Back to the store it goes.

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