EOS M2 has been announced!

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Re: EOS M2 has been announced!

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Well, the specs are not exactly exciting or even unexpected. I'm not sure what to make of the Japan-only release, though. Any possibility they will eventually release it in Europe and North America too, maybe once the M1 stock has finally dwindled? If not, it doesn't exactly give the confidence that Canon will continue the line that I was hoping a new release would bring.

It's not surprising if Canon have gone for an Asia only launch for this product, if indeed that is the case. Why would Canon want to try and push an elephant up a down escalator if it's obvious that a particular market just doesn't want (or more likely just isn't ready) for a certain type of product? I suspect if USA and Europe don't get M2 it's because Canon have something in the pipeline which Canon believes those markets will prefer. But in the meantime business in Asia is not going to be put on hold.

But the real elephant is that the EOS M line just isn't very good. So even in mirrorless-friendly markets, it sells poorly compared to its peers.

Does it? You sure about that?

The EOS M2 could have been a chance for redemption, but Canon blew it. Again. And they know it.

Perhaps in the markets in which it has been announced it's just what those markets want.

Don't feed the troll!

Sorry.  You're right.

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