Recommendations for 5D Mk III remote trigger?

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Re: Recommendations for 5D Mk III remote trigger?

entlassen wrote:

I'm looking for a wireless remote for the 5D Mk III. I looked at the default option, which is the Canon RC-6. It's relatively cheap ($20) and has the Canon brand, but after looking at many reviews on Amazon and B&H, it seems to have a few problems:

1) The trigger seems to have difficulty working from behind the camera, which means you have to angle your arms around the front-right of the camera for the signal to reach the body.

The Canon RC-6 is an IR remote so this behaviour is normal as the sensor is located on the front of the camera. You might want to look at some wireless solutions but those need a receiver.

2) You can't trigger the AF by half-pressing the remote button; all you can do is press it the full way and take a shot.

3) You can only use the remote in conjunction with the 2-sec delay and 10-sec delay modes. You can't take an instant shot or anything else. This means if you want to do fancy stuff with mirror up, your options are severely limited.

Mirror up can be used in conjunction with the 2/10 sec delay.

My question is, what are some highly recommended wireless alternatives to the RC-6 that don't have the above problems? I'd prefer a solution that doesn't make me have to attach a bulky receiver module to the camera (if I do have to go that route, I do have Nikon buddies who seem to like the RF4N-s on their D800s, but I can't find an equivalent model for the 5D).

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