ultimate pocketable nightlife camera?

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Re: ultimate pocketable nightlife camera?

susan2012 wrote:

Well I like the Ricoh GR in many many ways. But, to me, it's a wide angle lens. By that, I mean it very noticably distorts everything. Does that not bother you, for example, when taking pictures of peoples' faces? My second concern was that the lens isn't fast enough for portraits, which is what I will be using it for the most.

If 28mm equiv is to wide then the RX100 isn't going to be much use for you because its only 1.8 at 29mm equiv.  When you zoom in the lens gets a lot dimmer.

Unfortunately there isn't a perfect solution for this yet.  Its something ive been looking for for a while.   A dslr seems way to cumbersome and obtrusive for this situation.  But its still nice to have something to take pictures with.  Casual and understated are words i would use to describe the sort of camera that would be perfect.

My problems with the GR are actually that it is too narrow rather than too wide.  28mm equiv is a bit of a no mans land for me.  And 2.8 just seems maybe a little bit too slow.

other than the GR and the GM1, the eos-m with 22mm might be a posibility. the camera isn't the smallest but the 22mm is even a little bit smaller than the 20mm 1.7.

The GM1 has a built in bounce flash which is pretty cool and has different lens options.  I'd say that has to be the winner at the moment if you can afford it.  but it wont fit in your jeans.

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