Moving from Panasonic to Olympus - what are your experiences

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Re: Moving from Panasonic to Olympus - what are your experiences

I've used both.  They each have advantages and disadvantages, neither is the clear 'winner' of all features.  Whether or not you get along with Olympus is likely to come from your own approach - some people see 'differences' as per se 'bad', so they don't tolerate changes.

My advice is to try the Olympus with an open mind - meaning, understand it will be different and give yourself time to adjust before you declare it 'disappointing'.  In many ways, Olympus and Panasonic seem to have divided specs and features in half, with each company taking the opposite approach to things.  You end up wishing there was one camera with the best of both, instead of two cameras with each having some good and some bad features.

You can see the menu in the viewfinder, but you have to push the viewfinder display button to do so.

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