EOS M2 has been announced!

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Re: EOS M2 has been announced!

Jonathan Brady wrote:

coso dp wrote:

photo nuts wrote:

Tonkotsu Ramen wrote:

while AF time seems to be much faster. Shot to shot time is barely improved. In the video, the eos-m has a 2 second blackout screen while the eos-m2 doesn't black out.. but is frozen for 1.5 seconds....... So they shaved 1 second off of the 3 seconds it takes for the AF + blackout screen?

I am not sure how you tell the EOS-M2 was frozen for 1.5 sec in the video clip.

You see the girl freeze, and then start moving again (barely)

You can see the leaves moving in the background as well.

What I'm curious to know is if you turn off image review (or half press the shutter) will it immediately be ready to take another pic? If so, that could be pretty compelling.

For sure, but after playing with the just released canon s120, i'm certain canon took steps to purposely stop this from happening. (just a guess based on my exp w/ the s120)

I compared the s120 and the rx100m2 before buying. Hoping that with canon's self touted faster af and shooting speeds in general, that the s120 would be the cam to replace my s90. After using the rx100m2 (or m1, both are fast) and s120 back to back, i quickly went with the sony.

Even with review mode disabled, the s120 blacked out for just over 1 second between each photo, which means there was about 1.5-2 seconds between the moment i depress the shutter, and when I can depress the shutter again. For comparison, the blackout/lag for my s90 was a full 3 seconds between shots.

Now.. it may not sound like a lot, but my A57, and the rx100m2 that's being sent to me, both have less than half a second between shots with review mode disabled. Which means it will focus, take a shot, and be ready to repeat the process in .4 seconds, or just over 2 shots per second. Something canon doesn't seem to have managed with their live view shooting, and something that sony (and mft cameras) happens to excel at.

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