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Re: What do you expect at 1/6th?

greenarcher02 wrote:


You got a lot of it right, actually. There are focal lengths where 1/125 doesn't need a tripod. He was probably mulling about going slower than that hence the tripod and motion blur. He's a little... ADHD(?) in explaining things, but you got his main point anyway. Which brings us to the discussion on how it can be possibly done without a tripod. He actually gave a lot of scenarios, including the one he was unfortunately in. It's time we move on from the easy-peasy tripod, high ISO one, shall we? Let's also not discount the fact that for some reason, even if they know they'll be shooting at night, some photographers deliberately don't bring a tripod...


Thanks for the comic relief.

I, too, was getting a little tired of the repeated scolding by folks who enjoy that sort of thing.

You shoulda, shoulda, shoulda.... dumb lens selection, lack of planning, lack of tripod, use high iso, etc.

True, I shoulda anticipated that, but the reason I went into such detail is that I wanted some deeper analysis of the higher EV (shorter exposure with faster lens) including the lowering of ISO.... with the understanding that I wanted a photo of the coloured lights ... with some context.

Yes, there is a little more to it than

the easy-peasy tripod, high ISO



PS Never been accused of being ADHD(?) before! "Professorial" maybe, "pedantic" and "boring" too. And recently "forgetful". I'll have to look acronym that up!! (along with dyslexia)

PPS Check it out here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adult_ADHD#Signs_and_symptoms

(bottom square, right side, good diagnosis, doctor!)


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