Why I bought the X-E2 + 35mm 1.4 instead of A7 + 55mm 1.8

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Re: Sony track record is not well

Absolutic wrote:

Sony is a company that in cameras does not seem to have a clear direction. They start something, and then they go to the next thing, and then they go to another thing, dropping the first thing. They try different things and then move on.

Sounds an awfully lot like Fujifilm as well. Remember the SuperCCD? First Fujifilm brought out the SuperCCD HR sensor. That was fairly cutting edge in its day. The F10 compact made great use of that sensor and it set the standard for low noise that took years to be passed. Fujifilm dropped production of the SuperCCD HR.

Remember the SuperCCD SR? Amazing dynamic range, well beyond their competitors. This sensor was used in one compact camera (F700) and their two SLR's. After being upgraded to the SuperCCD SR II, Fujifilm dropped this sensor.

Remember the SuperCCD EXR? A new technology to get more dynamic range and lower noise. Fujifilm converted this over to their CMOS chips and has slowly dropped it from nearly every model. Now no more X cameras use the EXR censor and just one compact has it. It would not be surprising at all to see the EXR sensor dropped in 2014.

Fujifilm makes a sensor, develops it for awhile, then drops it.

X Trans in 5 years? I dont think so.

To buy a camera like A7 or A7r with only ONE decent lens that physically is released (35/2.8) is just odd in my book. The 28-70 is officially crap, even Steve Huffs who loves everything, said that it was crap and he loves everything. 55/1.8....is not around yet. There are a few promised lenses, but Sony is very slow with lens releases. So you can buy one now and use these cameras in manual focus mode, telling everyone that you love shooting in manual focus, but the truth is because Sony released these cameras without any lenses.

Finally, reading the interview with their chief camera designer person (forgot on which site) last month, he said it himself, he said he likes to come out with a completely new thing every six months. That is the Sony spirit in his mind, innovation and new creative products, and always the first. First Walkman, First Trinitron Flat TV, First full frame mirrorless camera..... That is Sony Heritage. Then it is to move on to the new "First." Little details like lenses etc, who cares about that. It is all about what's next.

There is nothing wrong with it. Sony is coming up with new technology all the time and it is exciting, as it later trickles down to other manufacturers (like Sony sensors are currently in majority of digital cameras).

Including Fujifilm's.

But to invest large amount of $$$ in anything Sony makes for a long haul???? Not with their track record.

P.S. I just bought a Sony 3D 60 inch LED tv and I love it.

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