What is your biggest disappointment about GM1?

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Re: no focus ring

The implementation for this lens on the GM1 is actually better for night shooting than most of the other m4/3 cameras I've owned. If you go back in time to the G1 and it's kit lens, it was completely impossible to do night shooting. The lens had no way to tell you that it was set for near or far farcus. It was too dark for CDAF and there was nothing on the screen to indicate where you were in the focus rrange. You absolutely needed a legacy manual lens. Fast forward to the GM1 (and yes I do own it).

I looked on YouTube and there is a video demonstrating how to manual focus on the GM1 kit lens combo using the touch screen. For that method I agree that it might seem imprecise and after watching that video, I would not use it that way.

If you want to manually focus with the kit lens here is what i would do. First I have enlarge focus area and focus peaking both on.

1) touch 4 way controller on left to select focus area and either touch screen or move box to where you want it to be. And use center menu/set button to lock that.

2) now when you touch either the left or right of the controller you will see a focus scale from infinity to close. You can move in single small increments with a click left or right or faster by holding down on left ror right. At the same time you have an enlarged box and focus peeking showing you when you are in focus.

I stick by my opinion that this is OK for this lens and camera combo. I also, stick by my opinion that this way if manual shooting is no less accurate And in fact you can move in smaller increments than possible with some of the other m4/3 lenses with their focus ring. But, with the ability to enlarge screen and use focus peaking both ways get you what you need.

I think ink the answer is that you need to use it yourself to get a feel for how well it works.

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