Initial impressions: Fuji X100s vs. Sony RX1

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Daniel Lauring
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Photoshoot challenge with multiple cameras.

For a GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) check, I just did a little photoshoot with my 4 favorite small cameras, RX100, X100s, EM1 and RX1. I did it in a less scientific, but more real world way. I took the cameras and shot a scene, first in full auto mode, than secondly in aperture priority mode (which is what I use 80% of the time) and finally in full manual mode. I than downsampled all of the shots to 1600 pixel width because that is what I end up sharing over the web and email most of the time. The results were a little shocking (RX100 beating out EM1 for example) and I want to go back a rerun the test with the D800 added and better understand what I might have done wrong with EM1 because I usually get good results with EM5.

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