Questions re: as a travel camera and X100s focus modes

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Re: Questions re: as a travel camera and X100s focus modes

Len_Gee wrote:

Hello FujiHeads,

I am contemplating acquiring a Fuji X100s (or possibly it's rival, Ricoh GR) for a single light camera to carry to countries where I need to be discreet when photographing people, buildings, and documents. I will be traveling to Egypt, Syria, Iran, and Israel.

Currently, for travel, I'm using a MFT Panasonic GX1 and either Panny 20mm, or PanLeica 25mm. But the shutter is loud and sometimes calls attention to subjects I want to covertly photograph. I do not want to use flash for my purposes.


Can the shutter sound be turned off completely?


Do you mainly shoot with AF or one of the manual modes?

Nearly always AF.

For AF mode , the focus point is user selectable using the control dial on rear of camera, correct?


If you shoot in manual mode which mode do you primarily use and why

Which focus mode do you recommend and is best for dim light shooting? .

AF works fine in dim light - I regularly shoot at ISO3200.

I have read there is a focus mode referred to as "Unicorn Tears". What is that, and please if you can explain or provide a link to describe or to see its effect and use?

And, finally for a travel camera, do you wish you instead have opted, or have exchanged it for a interchangeable lens compact APS-C camera or MFT camera instead of the X100s?

I use two cameras for travel - an X100 combined with an X-Pro. I could cope without a wide-angle option but not a decent portrait lens (the 23mm on the X100 is a little too wide for head shots).

Thank you for your help and advice.

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