Can you recommend Canon's best lenses?

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Re: Can you recommend Canon's best lenses?

You haven't told as what kind of photography you do. Maybe a link to some of your work to help us recommend specific lenses that would best suit your work. I am sure you must have some magnificent work if you require such high quality lens.

My own opinion is that photography is an art. That means that unless you shoot MFT charts for a living, your client will hire you for a specific set of skils. And in this set of skils, your gear will come last. As many reviews have pointed and also the measurements of DXO have shown, there is no real advantage of a high megapixel DSLR. If you need to print big, then you are shooting medium format 60Mp camera. The 36Mp Nikon cannot resolve more than 17-19 Mpx with any lens acording to DXO measurements ( now we are talking technical aspects that you said MATTER). The 5D mk III measures about the same because of the better Canon lens. Just some examples - 50mm lens and 85mm lens compared:



To get back to my point, photography is an art. Your camera is a tool that needs to deliver the best picture. What is the best picture? Is it the most sharp picture? Is it the most saturated or most contrasty one? I will post a link of the most expensive picture in the world. I wish all of us would be able to sell our pictures at this price. And this picture, as most of the best selling or most iconic pictures in the world have nothing to do with technical aspects but with composition, use of colours and catching just the right moment in your frame.

So good luck with collecting the best lenses but maybe you would be better of with some photography clases or spending the money on photography trips.

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