Why would someone buy the Nex7 replacement?

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Me, maybe...

NeilJones wrote:

Everyone will compare its image quality to the a7 and it won't be as good.

Just wondering why sony would bother upgrading the Nex7?

Price alone seems silly?

Is it just me that thinks this?

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I have just come back from a two week wildlife safari. It was the first time I had ever done that sort of photography and it had very little in common with any of the photography which I had done before... it was a real eye opener to me and I learnt a lot

I took both my A900 (Full Frame, 24MP sensor, a bit like the A7) and my NEX-5R together with an assortment of lenses including a newly-purchased copy of the huge 70-400G/4-5.6 A-mount lens

Wildlife photography is all about pixel-peeping, accurate focus and quick response as the animals are far away and so many images will need an 'enthusiastic' crop, and the birds/animals tend not to hang around so you need to get your setting right from the word go and any required changes need to be performed quickly.  Minimum shutter speed at 400mm is 1/500 or you need to set it to 1/2000 if a bird is moving, so good high ISO performance is also necessary.  This is *nothing* like portraiture, travel, studio work or street/casual photography

I gave-up on using the A900 with the 70-400 almost immediately as the APS-C NEX-5R offered so much better IQ and resolution than the Full-Frame A900 with that lens

The 24MP sensor only offers roughly 10MP APS-C equivalent and often the APS-C sensors are able to offer addtional resoultion benefits which come from implementing more complex technologies in the smaller sensor area with higher production yield than would be the case for implementing those technologies on a Full Frame sensor.  The difference in quality between 100% crops of my A900 and NEX-5R using the same 70-400G lens was simply embarassing (please note images were taken using Silk Master Classic Tripod and Micro Focus Adjustment had been performed for each body):

100% crop of 24MP A900 Full Frame body at optimal micro-focus adjustment using Sony 70-400G lens at 400mm f5.6 ISO 200.  JPEG output was used but comparison with RAW showed little detail improvement

100% crop of 16MP NEX-5R APS-C body at optimal micro-focus adjustment using LA-EA2 adaptor with Sony 70-400G lens at 400mm f5.6 ISO 200.  JPEG output was used.  No comparison was performed with RAW

I think no further comment is necessary concerning the superiority of the 16MP APS-C sensor over the old 24MP full-frame one at maximum resolution

However on the downside the NEX-5R menuing interface (multiple taps to peform any action), slow startup, slow AF (even using the LA-EA2 adaptor), lack of custom button and small memory buffer were an absolute nightmare in use and I lost many, many, many potentially great shots and shooting anything that was not static was almost impossible without either luck (which I did have sometimes) or a lot more skill than I currently possess (note that I accept the 5R was never designed for wildlife photography and none of the mentioned issues ever impacted me before in 'normal' photography).  The A900 interface is perfect for wildlife photography and using that camera was a delight, but sadly the IQ did not match the user experience so I stuck with the NEX-5R and all its frustrations

I've been bitten by the birding bug now and an E-mount body which offered a high quality APS-C sensor, coupled with lots of customisation options, high performance AF and a streamlined interface, and IBIS would be very interesting to me.As it is I am currently wondering vaguely about an SLT-A77 as that offers all these things, but unfortunately also supposedly gives a lot of noise at the higher 'wildlife ISO's' with its 24MP sensor

The APS-C Canon 7D (another body I am considering) is a great wildlife camera and offers features that might be considered superior to its contemporary FF 5DII for such work and gives a good example of how APS-C can sometimes be preferable to FF and can still have a place in a product line

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