OK, what do you think of -this- photo?

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Re: OK, what do you think of -this- photo?

skanter wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

Jeff_Donald wrote:

It reminds me of this photo by Alfred Stieglitz, Winter On Fifth Avenue.

Not bad but ruined by the general overall up sharpness, the lack of detail in the foreground and background, and the terrible fading. I jest to make a point.

And a good point it is. Photography (as an art form) is about the eye of the photographer, not about technical details. It would be a good idea for many on this "gear forum" to study some of the great photographers, learn about the history of this art form, and not worry so much about absolute sharpness and lack of noise in their 100% crops and other pixel-peeping endeavors.

But none of these factors detract from the photo; far different from your photo with the burnt-out streetlight. I would say criticism about that is beyond opinion, just common sense to anyone with half an eye.

I was joking Skanter, I' m sorry you missed my tongue in cheek joke. I think the photo is fine.

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