Initial impressions: Fuji X100s vs. Sony RX1

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Re: Initial impressions: Fuji X100s vs. Sony RX1

EugeneC wrote:

I believe the slow sync limitation is because the RX1 uses a leaf shutter as compared to focal plane. There are no curtains and firmware is not a fix. So you get 1/180 for slow sync and anything you want on normal sync up to and including 1/4000. BTW, I haven't tried slow sync on the RX1. Hi speed leaf shutter sync is a real advantage outdoors in bright light. BTW, in about 2500 shots on my RX1 it has never missed focus, not even once. I wish my Fuji was this good. The files are exquisite which you will find out.

They both have leaf shutters.  They both can sync at high shutter speeds.  The RX1 can sync at even higher shutter speeds.  There is no limitation on high speed shutter in slow sync as far as I know.  Having said that, high speed shutter has nothing to do with this problem.  Indoor shots involves slow shutter speeds, high ISO and wide open apertures.

I took my xe1 to the beach today. I could hardly see the EVF it was that dim. Shots were great but some were poorly centered just because of that little problem.

That is a hardware problem with a poor seal around the EVF. No firmware in the world is going to fix that. I've read about it but never experienced it myself with my E-X1 or E-X2 (which look on the outside, to be the same design.)

Yes, but why is it this way? It is this way on the XE1 and now XE2?

I don't know I've never experienced it.

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