What is your biggest disappointment about GM1?

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Re: no focus ring

Utterly wrong…owned Leica M8's and shot a completely manual with no viewfinder medium  format technical camera where you needed to know your distances.

However, if I wanted to manual focus the GM1 I would not be doing much with the kit lens. My whole point was very simple manually focusing with the GM1 using is no more prone to focus error than a lens with a focus ring. You may not be as fast at doing that but the tools to assess whether you have focused correctly are identical.

Manual focus on the the GM1 is with a dial but the touch screen is still very useful because you can quickly specify the area you want to enlarge. So, touch focus area, use the four way controller to adjust focus and use focus peaking to know where you are in focus.

There are many choices of lenses that can be used on the camera and all have focus rings except for this kit lens. 90% of the time or more people won't be using this lens for manual focus so why make the lens bigger than it needs to be? If you want an different experience than the target market simply use a different lens.

Most of the focus by wire lenses aren't great. With the gm1 you can move in small increments or hold down on the control and move the focus in large increments.

(Argh, I can't unquote text above for some reason. The current editing style on DPR is pretty bad, but usually I can manipulate it until it works. But this time my text stays red no matter what I do, so I'll just quote and reply with blocks of text. I hope my post is at least somewhat readable)

I think it's fair to say we have different focusing styles, or different subjects. I shoot a lot of long exposures at night, and frequently bump against the limits of the sensor. For me, easy focusing movements are not just about convenience, but also accuracy. I get to compare many different focus settings. I then end up at some focus after getting past noise, coma, flare, and even chromatic aberration. Having to do it with an inferior mechnical (or even non-mechanical) interface would mean the process becoming so involved, I basically would not get the picture.

Have you bought the GM1? If you have it and say it's dial MF, then okay. But I went by the reviews, and the ones I read only mentioned touchscreen MF. I do agree that the by-wire lenses aren't the best for MF, but they do give a degree of mechanical feedback, which my Pen's dials will not.

Like I think I said in another post, there are lenses that have a 12mm setting, but they all cost over 500 euros (with the exception of the huge 12-50). I agree completely with you about the primary target market of this lens. However, omitting features easily becomes a race to the bottom. You can exclude hoods, hood threads, manual focus rings, manual zoom, filter threads, rear caps, body caps, electrical contacts, support for most cameras and who knows what else because of a perceived target market.

Every time they exclude a minority of buyers they risk leaving more people out in the cold. They owe nothing to the users, but if the pool of excluded people grows large enough, they risk losing money despite pleasing the target market. The people with very specific requirements are usually the same people who buy many lenses, making this more likely.

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