What is your biggest disappointment about GM1?

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Re: no focus ring

Iskender wrote:

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Iskender wrote:

Not to mention those fully-digital controls are likely to be even less accurate than normal by-wire focus. Which is a significant problem, since accuracy is what manual focus is all about. It's good that they've provided some way of doing it, but it's clearly an "emergency only" feature on this lens.

I have no idea of what you mean by this. You have enlarged view and focus peaking how is having a dial on back then any different than on the lens where you are using the same cues to figure out if you are in focus.

Because you get the same knowledge, but not the same means. Anyone who has used a good (or any) manual lens knows that by-wire focusing is often like walking on ice. One has to learn what adjustment will be interpreted which way, since it's not a matter of direct control. On the GM1, there is only a touch-screen and buttons for this. It is bound to have even worse performance, otherwise you would have to click on the buttons all day to get anywhere.

Do you do a lot of manual focusing yourself? Judging solely by your question, I'd guess no, but tell me if I'm utterly wrong. I'm just a bit surprised someone could think it will work just as well without a lens ring.

Utterly wrong…owned Leica M8's and shot a completely manual with no viewfinder medium format technical camera where you needed to know your distances.

However, if I wanted to manual focus the GM1 I would not be doing much with the kit lens. My whole point was very simple manually focusing with the GM1 using is no more prone to focus error than a lens with a focus ring. You may not be as fast at doing that but the tools to assess whether you have focused correctly are identical.

Manual focus with dials will be better than the touchscreen version.

Manual focus on the the GM1 is with a dial but the touch screen is still very useful because you can quickly specify the area you want to enlarge. So, touch focus area, use the four way controller to adjust focus and use focus peaking to know where you are in focus.

This is assuming it will be implemented that way on other bodies, do we know this to be the case? Anyway, it will still be worse, and this should be a given: they put it on the lenses in the first place because that's better. A large ring with a diameter of several centimetres will always be easier to use than tiny, fiddly dial. If you use dials for manual focus, you will have to learn to use the lens every time you buy a new camera, which is not how systems work normally.

There are many choices of lenses that can be used on the camera and all have focus rings except for this kit lens. 90% of the time or more people won't be using this lens for manual focus so why make the lens bigger than it needs to be? If you want an different experience than the target market simply use a different lens.

None of this is a problem for easy manual focus situations, but those are the same cases where AF works anyway. But when it gets to focusing at night, with almost nothing visible on the screen, one really wants to turn the ring slowly back and forth, in as small increments as possible. A good control for adjusting aperture/shutter is not a good control for this.

Most of the focus by wire lenses aren't great. With the gm1 you can move in small increments or hold down on the control and move the focus in large increments.

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