Initial impressions: Fuji X100s vs. Sony RX1

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Re: Initial impressions: Fuji X100s vs. Sony RX1

EugeneC wrote:

"Firmware: It would be great if Sony could fix the flash with a firmware update, but their record of providing firmware updates is the opposite of Fuji. They are more inclined to fix things on the next release."

Fuji has more FW updates because of inadequate design. It's sometimes called backwards engineering.

Generally firmware updates are because of design issues. Having said that, just because a company doesn't release firmware updates doesn't mean their design is adequate. The RX1's slow sync flash is definitely inadequate. Heck, it's downright broken and Sony has done nothing about it and probably never will.

I took my xe1 to the beach today. I could hardly see the EVF it was that dim. Shots were great but some were poorly centered just because of that little problem.

That is a hardware problem with a poor seal around the EVF. No firmware in the world is going to fix that. I've read about it but never experienced it myself with my E-X1 or E-X2 (which look on the outside, to be the same design.)

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